Here is a short interview with PatMan talking about the beginning of his music career and his currently active bands in Switzerland

So, PatMan, how long have you been singing?

Since I could make sounds 🙂

Did you have singing lessons?

Not in the classical sense. I loved singing songs in elementary school and it was a pleasure for me to memorize lyrics and sing. My first musical milestone on the path to being a singer was my father’s purchase of a small, stereo turntable from Sears and Roebuck.

What do you mean exactly?

Well, every LP and 45 in the house was now a singing teacher. I listened and practiced them all, word for word, note for note. This must be the moment that I truly fell in love with music and singing. After a short while, I could sing entire albums from start to finish. Have you ever heard my a capella version of “Tea for the Tillerman”?

When was your first public gig?

I was 11 years old when I first sang for an audience at my elementary school. My art teacher accompanied me on acoustic guitar and we played the song “Windy” by The Associations at a school event.

How much do you practice?

I continually practice to keep my voice in top shape. Like every muscle, it’s “use it or lose it”. My goal is to sing a few more great songs at my 100th birthday party. You’re invited!

What can you tell us about your music career in Switzerland?

Over the years, I have played with several musicians in different formats and currently focus on my solo act and the classic rock band Kirk’s Patrol. Here is an overview of my musical endeavors:

PatMan Solo

Kirk’s Patrol

PatMan and the Gringos


The Clam

Great DNA