Coronados 01

CORONADOS Classic Rock Revival

Most rock revival bands play the songs of the “good ol’ days”, note for note, and deliver an emotionless “do you remember?” party.

The CORONADOS take music from the past, make it their own and inject “goosebump” excitement into the crowd with their skillful interpretation of a previous musical period that has become timeless.

The American, Patrick “PatMan” Murray, carries you to another plane with his charisma and powerful, controlled voice that doesn’t miss a note.

The fantastic guitarist, Richard Koechli, plays with intensity and puts his unique stamp on this wonderful music.

On the Hammond organ, Urs Unternährer, expresses the love for his old original B3.

In addition, the multi-instrumentalist, Werner Lüthold, brings nuances of color and balance to the soul of the band. And, of course, the rhythm section provides a solid foundation and dynamic power with Remo Sommerhalder on drums and Hansruedi Brun on bass.

CORONADOS give you more than just a kick!